Dreaming Hears the Still

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Noah Franche-Nolan is a Toronto-based pianist, composer, and improviser. He has toured across Canada with Harry Vetro’s Northern Ranger Project, appeared on three records as a side man, released his debut record, opened for the Dave Young Trio and the Penderecki String Quartet at the 2018 Festival of Sound in Perry Sound, and has played in notable Canadian Jazz Festivals and Canadian Jazz Venues.

In the Spring of 2018, Franche-Nolan recorded a duo record with Toronto Saxophonist Harrison Argatof, entitled "Dreaming Hears the Still". This record features original compositions by both members, and explores the blending of improvisation and through-composed musical passages.

As a composer, Franche-Nolan has studied jazz composition and piano with David Braid and Dave Restivo, and classical composition with Gary Kulesha and Sasha Rapoport. He is currently finishing his Bachelor of music through the University of Toronto with a major in jazz comprehensive piano and a minor in classical composition. He continuously strives to blend the lines between the musical and improvisatory vocabulary of Western Classical Music, Jazz, and Contemporary Improvised Music in his own compositions.

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Service Musician


Franche-Nolan has been working as a musician for spiritual ceremonies over the past 6 years. Having worked in Christian Churches of various practices in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, he has gathered a knowledge of Christian hymns and service cultures. As a service pianist who has played for baptisms, queer eucharists, funerals, marriages, holiday services, and Jazz Vespers, Franche-Nolan’s goal is to provide a musical space of spiritual contemplation and comfort for those attending a service of his.

He is currently one of two pianists for the Anglican Church of St. John’s West Toronto.In addition, Franche-Nolan has been co-leading St. John’s Choir with Toronto musicians Cormac Culkeen and Dan Gooch over the past two years.

To further his understanding of the relationship between spiritual practice and music, Franche-Nolan was hired as one of four research assistants for Rev. Dr. Brian Fraser’s “Jazz and Spirituality” project in the summer of 2018. To hear more about what he learned from this research project, feel free to watch the video below.

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Private Functions


The McGimpsey/Franche-Nolan Quartet

Need live music for your private function? Whether it be a private party, a business lunch, an art exhibit release show, or anything else, this is the band to call. We will play any music our customers request ahead of time, we show up early, and we make sure you, our valued customer, have a great time!

McGimpsey and Franche-Nolan frequently work as a duo in addition to this quartet.

Guitar: Ian McGimpsey

Piano: Noah Franche-Nolan

Bass: Devan Patten

Drums: Harry Vetro

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Harrison argatoff and Noah franche-Nolan

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Patrick Smith

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Harry Vetro’s Northern Ranger

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University of Toronto 12tet

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